Click here to view our nominees for the Board of Trustees and the Nominating Committee for 2018-2019 Church year.

The Board of Trustees, made up of nine members, serves in trust for the congregation for staggered three-year terms. Staying in close touch with the congregation, the board promotes the accomplishment of the church’s mission and prevents unacceptable activities and conditions in the church by monitoring the work of the executive team. When the trustees first meet as a collective Board, they agree to a covenant:

• Keep our church mission as our focus
• Serve with integrity and live our UU principles
• Support the Executive Team
• Celebrate diversity of thoughts
• Communicate clearly and honestly with each other and the congregation
• Implement our governance model
• Celebrate our accomplishments
• Represent the Board and our Church with one voice

The board adopts governing policies to give direction to the work of our church. They set forth our mission, values, and the ends we reach for. They describe the board’s relationship with the congregation, with the executive team, and within itself. The policies also list what must not be done, as limitations.

Each trustee is expected to serve on one of three standing committees of the board. The standing committees help the board carry out its responsibilities, are chartered with a purpose, and assigned one or more trustees as the chair. The three standing committees are:

In addition, the board may establish additional committees as needed. Since we are in search for a new, settled minister, we have a Search Committee for church year 2018-2019.

Each trustee is expected to be an active member of the church to understand the church’s work and aspirations of the congregation and to have real time connection with our members and friends. But the four “jobs” of the trustees are to be faithful stewards of the resources of the church, to stay in touch with the congregation, to articulate its vision and mission as described in the ends, and to monitor the work of the executive team.

Contact the Board
For matters concerning church policy, long-term vision and goals, contact one of the board members shown below. We want to hear from you! For concerns or ideas on matters related to church programming or operations, contact the Executive Team.

Become a Member of the Board of Trustees
Trustees serve three-year terms. Three new trustees are elected to the board each year in May. In the winter, the Nominating Committee collects applications and interviews interested board candidates to select a slate for election by the congregation. Click here to view a job description.

Board of Trustees Meeting Time
The Board of Trustees meets in the Room 25 of First Unitarian Church on the third Monday of the month from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. Board meetings are open to congregation members. Minutes of each board meeting are posted here.

By Laws and Other Important Information
To read the Amended and Restated Bylaws of First U, please click here. To read the Board Policies, click here. For official church statements on Social Justice Issues, click here. For issues concerning the  denomination, JPD District or Delmarva Cluster related to the board of trustees, click here.

Annual Meeting
The annual congregational meeting is held in May. Congregational Meeting minutes are available here.

Board of Trustees for 2017-2018:

Linda Sanders

Linda joined First U in October 2010 when she moved to Pennsylvania to get ready for retirement in March 2012. She has been a UU for over 25 years, and...

Philip Krape

Philip was raised in and served as an acolyte in a traditional Buffalo, New York church before coming to the Delaware Valley in 1966 for college.  He joined DuPont in...

Jennifer Brown

Jenny joined First Unitarian Church in 1997 after attending the church for several years and deciding to make 1st UU her official church.  She has been involved with various activities...

Marty Peres

Marty was born in Brooklyn in 1941. He moved to Queens when he was ten and developed a lifelong joy of gardening. Marty married Eloise, the girl a block away,...

Bill Hardham

Bill has been a member of First U for well over 40 years and 2 of his 3 children enjoyed the CYRE program. Over the years he has ushered, served...

Tracy Spinka-Doms

Tracy has been a member of First Unitarian for about four years. Since joining, she has been active throughout the church, including singing in the choir, participating in and leading...

Jacqueline Riegel Kairis

Jacqueline has been a member of First U since 2013. Since joining, she’s been active throughout the church, including a previous term on Board of Trustees, Pastoral Care and Welcoming...

Donna Gonzalez

Donna joined First Unitarian in 2009 after retiring from overseeing child and family mental health programs for Chester County government.  Donna chaired the Green Sanctuary Team that secured Green Sanctuary accreditation from...

Michael McCabe

Mike McCabe has been an environmental and energy policy consultant for more than 40 years.  He has served in top leadership positions for the EPA, congressional staffs and nonprofit organizations....

Steve Cohen

Steve has been Treasurer of our Church since May 2008. He oversees our financials and provides the Board and Executive Team with a monthly summary of our financial status and...