The Executive Team (ET) is responsible for the operations of the church. The ET is made up of the Minister, the Business Manager, a program staff member and a lay member of the congregation. Each member of the ET has a portfolio covering operational areas of the church, including Worship, Facilities, Children’s Religious Education, Personnel, and more.

We also have a large number of teams, committees and groups of volunteers who execute many of the tasks associated with running a church. You can learn more about these groups and teams, here.

The Executive Team reports to the Board of Trustees. You can learn more about our governance model, here.

For church year 2017-2018 the ET is made up of:

Rev_Roberta_head shot

The Reverend Roberta Finkelstein

Worship, Pastoral Care, Small Group Ministry, Children’s Religious Exploration

Rev. Roberta Finkelstein is a life-long Unitarian Universalist. She was raised in the Community Church of New York where she was in the “Cradle Roll” as an infant and remained...

Scott Ward

Scott Ward

Music, Adult Religious Education, Denominational Growth, Outreach Team, Library and Archives, Art Gallery

Scott Ward joined the staff as Music Director in 1991. In 1996, the Congregation honored him with the title of Honorary Minister of Music. Scott studied church music and classical...

Marina VanRenssen

Marina VanRenssen

Executive Team: Finance, Personnel, Building and Grounds, Rentals, Communications

Marina VanRenssen joined the staff as Business Manager in September 2007. She manages the business and finances of the office, supervises staff, and is the staff liaison for several executive...

Lois Morris

Social Justice, Membership Development and Engagement

Lay Member Lois Morris was told 17 years ago during a conversation with a friend that she was a Unitarian to which she answered, “What’s a Unitarian?” Doing some research,...