At First Unitarian we are participating in Soul Matters, a nation-wide consortium of more than 150 Unitarian Universalist congregations who share monthly themes for worship, religious education, music, and small group ministry. The program staff made the decision as part of our commitment to create a culture of engagement and shared ministry. We believe that having adults and children focused on the same theme each month will enhance our connections to each other and to the themes. We believe that using the shared theme approach in common with other UU’s will help to enhance our UU identity.

Soul Matters encourages personal engagement on a spiritual level more than an intellectual level. A packet of materials is distributed each month so that each participant can not only read about the theme, but choose one of the spiritual exercises provided.  The group discussion is about the experience each person has with the exercise; it is a very personal and potentially transformative approach.  Read more about Soul Matters here. To see the materials from June 2017, please click here.

Groups meet during the church year from September until June. Registration for 2017/2018 will begin in August 2017.