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Are You Ready for the People's Climate March?

It's going to be the largest climate march in history—and you can help make history by going to New York on Sunday, Sept. 21. First Unitarian Church will have a significant contingent in New York City that day. We'll travel by bus with Sierra Club Delaware (the transportation organizer) and join tens (hundreds?) of thousands of ordinary people demanding that world leaders do something to reverse the impending climate disaster.

To reserve a seat on the Sierra Club bus, go to this site.

Click to learn more about online about the Peoples Climate March. It's intended to be family friendly and positive. And it's timed to coincide with a meeting of world leaders at the United Nations to discuss urgent climate issues. Here are some facts about the PCM and what it's going to be like.

What is the People’s Climate March?

  • The People’s Climate March is a major mobilization in New York City this September 21 to demand bold political action to address the climate crisis.
  • It is going to be the largest climate march in history! The People’s Climate March is literally that—the people coming together to show that we demand a future that is within our reach. A future with an economy that works for people and the planet. A world safe from the ravages of climate change.
  • This is a moment about us—the people who are standing up in our communities to organize, build power, and to shift power to a just, safe, and peaceful world.

What is happening on September 21st?

On September 21st, thousands of people will be coming to NYC to participate in a march led by young people in order to show that we care about our climate, our communities, and our futures! World leaders will be coming to New York City for a UN summit to discuss climate change, and we are bringing thousands of people together to show that our communities are resilient, powerful, and united.

  • We are coming together to show that our communities care about climate action
  • To show that we won’t wait for the UN to take action, we are already doing it
  • To show the UN that people are ready for action on climate change
  • That communities in NYC, who have been on the frontlines of climate catastrophe such as Hurricane Sandy, are hitting the streets
  • To show that amongst the many things we are doing in our communities, with our neighbors, with our families and with our friends, we are also ready to march!

 Why should you get involved?

  • Because you are ready to see a change in the trajectory of this planet.
  • It is time to do something big! And something new! It is time to show that we are coming together in NYC, and are being joined by people globally, for the largest climate march.
  • If world leaders walk away from that summit without seeing a strong, public demand for action, they’ll never take the steps necessary to address this crisis.
  • Personal stories—work on keeping your message short and sweet!

Look for more on the Connector in the coming weeks. This is important. Can First Unitarian fill an entire bus? Let's set a goal of 20 members at the march—and exceed it!