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Responding to Gun Violence

On July  10, more than 20 members of First Unitarian Church joined a street meeting and rally called by the Wilmington Peacekeepers, a grass-roots organization that seeks to end violence on the streets of our city. Wilmington, Delaware, is among the most violent cities of its size in the country.

The Peacekeepers “street meeting” was called after Crystal Brown, a 43-year-old mother, was shot and killed as she left a corner store in her neighborhood. She was an innocent victim caught in the crossfire of a gunfight in the street.

A march from the site of the shooting at Seventh and Adams ended with a rally in Helen Chambers Park at Sixth and Madison.

The following Sunday, the First Unitarian Church's monthly community offering was directed to the Peacekeepers for their programs, which include spiritual awakening, personal responsibility, safer streets, education, mentoring, and unity among all groups and peoples to bring peace to the community. Terry Walls, building manager at First Unitarian, is an active member of the Peacekeepers.