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Mural Dedication

On September 23rd the Foster Children’s Mural was unveiled and dedicated at Family Court in Wilmington. Such a wonderful, colorful expression of perseverance, determination, hope and aspirations! It’s truly an inspiration.

The First UU Social Justice program ILYA (Independent Living for Young Adults) was represented at the dedication by Judge Barbara Crowell (whose idea the mural was), Betty Wier and Lois MorrisCheck out the video of Judge Barbara talking with artist John Donato (who facilitated the mural painting) here.

Some interesting facts were mentioned at the dedication. 1) The Honorable Judge Roxanna Cannon Arsht was the 5th woman admitted to the Delaware bar in 1941.  2) After working for nine years as an unpaid master in Family Court, in 1971 she was the first woman judge appointed in Delaware.   3) Her daughter, Adrienne Arsht was only the 11th woman admitted to the DE bar in1966.  3) Today 34% of the lawyers in DE are women. These facts were given as an example of what determination, perseverance and the mentoring from those who came before can lead to. This mural is the clear legacy the youth currently in foster care are passing on to all those who follow… You can achieve, there’s a bright future out there and people care!