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A Picture of Foster Care

There is sometimes a bad situation

That has people come from the police station

To see what can be done when a child has none

Of the care and support that they need.

Through many foster families a child may flow

But often their personal belongings don’t go

There’s no one to phone to get things of their own

Which goes on even when they age out.

They are told “Now you are an adult.

And even though it was none of your fault,

It’s time to go out, see what the world’s about.” But how do you do that alone?

So some folks at Wilmington First U

Decided to see what they could do

They looked for the needs and started good deeds

But they can’t do it without your help.

That’s where each one of you comes in

A group effort can make it a win

Collect ACME stamps, donate furniture from old Gramps

Or maybe your own gently used “stuff.”


For furniture donations contact J. Harry Feldman at or 302-654-0681. For the ACME bonus stamps promotion contact Carolyn Gibson at cgibson@dental.upenn.eduFor general information about ILYA (Independent Living for Young Adults) contact Betty Wier at or Lois Morris at 302-475-2453.