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2014 UUSC Guest At Your Table Program

This Sunday, October 19 we begin our annual Guest At Your Table (GAYT) program, which will continue for six Sundays and end on November 23, the Sunday before Thanksgiving.  One primary purpose of GAYT is to provide current information on the world-wide work of UUSC (Unitarian Universalist Service Committee)—the UU organization devoted to addressing social justice issues in relation to humanitarian crises, environmental problems, poverty and economic issues, and civil rights. 

GAYT literature and other related documents will be available at the social justice table during coffee hour—please come by and chat with a member of the local UUSC team.  All Children & Youth Religious Exploration participants will begin their GAYT lesson plans this week and will also be involved in creative activities related to GAYT.

This program is in transition.  We are no longer using the “Guest At Your Table” donation boxes, but rather envelopes and online donations.  However, the primary invitation of this program is to imagine having guests at your table, people from communities and countries in need of your help.  When you meet with family and friends around a table for breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, etc., whether at home, in a restaurant, or any place and table of your choice, think about and talk about “guests” or individuals being helped via your generous donations to UUSC, which is the bottom line for this program.  For more information contact Doyle Dobbins