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Climate Change and Guest At Your Table: A project of the UUSC

Climate change – what does it mean to you?  To Kenyans, it means food insecurity and an unsafe water supply.  Distortions in weather patterns caused by climate change are contributing to the spread of a fungus which ruins maize crops.  Poor farming methods have compromised the integrity of streams.  The SoilFarm Multi-Culture Group (SFMG) led by Chrisantus Mwandihi and supported by the UUSC is working to grow crops native to the area that can withstand evolving weather conditions.  SFMG has educated the population about environmentally friendly agricultural techniques and indigenous food crops, making it possible for community members to grow enough food to use and sell while preserving the rainforest and protecting their water supply.

Climate change is happening:  larger, stronger, and more numerous storms are being recorded; glaciers are shrinking, collapsing, and even disappearing; drinking water sources are being affected. Committed to environmental justice, the UUSC continues to work collaboratively with Chrisantus and SFMG not only to address current problems but to raise a new generation dedicated to protecting the environment and ensuring the rights of people most affected by climate change.

As a member of the UUSC you can help make a difference.  Your donation of $40 or more earns you and your family annual UUSC membership benefits. In addition, all individual and family unrestricted contributions of $125 or more are eligible to be matched dollar for dollar by the UU Congregation at Shelter Rock in Manhasset, N.Y.

Envelopes are available in the Parish Hall during coffee hour or you can make an online donation here