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What Happens to Kids in Foster Care

If you want to understand some of the challenges a child in foster care faces, read In Between by Jennie B. Jones (or one of the many books mentioned at this website). In chapter 4, Katie Parker sums it up pretty well… “This is what they expect of me, so this is what they will get. It’s always been this way. People look at me, look at my scholastic record (or lack of it), look at my mom’s rap sheet, and see who they want to see. It’s like a coat I have to put on every day, even though it doesn’t fit. I’m the poor, homeless kid with a druggie mom from the worst neighborhood in Texas. I must be stupid. Surely I’m a deviant. No doubt a troublemaker.”

She goes on to find out that isn’t what everyone thinks, but not every child in foster care is that lucky. ILYA (Independent Living for Young Adults) is the social justice program that supports young people aging out of foster care. Look for information about a forum that will be coming in March.

For information on how you can help young people aging out of foster care, contact Betty Wier at or visit the social justice table at coffee hour.