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For Those Who Aren't Familiar with ILYA

Many new people/families have been joining us at First U, and we are so happy about that. You may have heard bits and pieces about ILYA (Independent Living for Young Adults) but may have wondered what it’s all about.

ILYA is the social justice team at First U, which offers support to young people who are aging out of foster care at 18. Looking for an apartment and a job is a top priority but many are also planning to further their education with college or technical training. As you can imagine, funds are very tight and support from family is usually non-existent.

And that’s where ILYA comes in! We offer support in many ways:

·       An annual graduation pizza party where we give backpacks filled with items to help set up a dorm or apartment bathroom.

·       One-time “supportive grants” to supplement their funds for security deposits, application/admission/book fees and the like.

·       Furniture and household goods to help set up new apartments.

·       Holiday giving to ensure they have some gifts to enjoy.

We’re looking for more ways to reach out and give a helping hand to those who so deserve it. You can help too! Get in touch with Betty Wier, J Harry Feldman, Lois Morris or Barbara Crowell who will gladly fill you in on how.