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Inspired to Act

Bringing Hope to Action

Where to find hope? How to bring justice?

When I hear the word stewardship, my mind and heart immediately see Stewardship of Earth and its Creation.

This sense of sacredness and the profoundness of my own connection to earth has been a part of me since I was a small child. As I have grown older, my sense of earth as source of life and wonder has deepened, but as environmental degradation worsens, wonder now walks with deep concern, a sense of loss and, fear for the future of the planet. Environmental advocacy is rewarding, and certainly politically necessary. But, for me, the deeper needs of spirit are not sustained with just political action. For me, it's about faith and hope. So my thoughts return to stewardship and to this wonderful church, where the theme of stewardship is Inspired to Act. This is where my spirit finds deeper meaning in principles of the UU Faith. And, as with stewardship of earth, the relationship is synergistic – we are sustained by earth but must be its stewards. So, with First U, we are sustained but must also be stewards in this life-giving relationship. Because I care so much about the great work that we do, contributing regularly through my financial pledge is a priority.

Elizabeth Siftar
Green Sanctuary Environmental Justice Chair