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Show the Love

No, not chocolates or lacy valentines… but rather support for youth struggling to be independent. That’s what ILYA (Independent Living for Young Adults) is all about and “Supportive Grants” are part of the ILYA program. Funding comes from an annual special collection during the service (this year on March 8th), from donations given in honor or in memory of someone, and spontaneous donations from the heart.

The one-time grants help youth who have aged out of foster care at 18 years of age by adding to their personal savings for expenses such as apartment and utility security deposits, application, admission and book fees for higher education, specialized work needs (equipment/tools) to secure a job, health care expenses not covered by insurance.

Independent Living coordinators must recommend a grant and each is reviewed by the ILYA committee for need and appropriateness. Funds are paid directly to the creditor making the whole process very transparent.

An easy opportunity for you to help is coming on March 8th. Dig deep and “show the love” for these young people who need to feel it.