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Inspired to Act Stewardship Testimonial from the Gladfelters

We are here today to share why our family is active at First Unitarian Church.  Wendy and I first started attending this congregation when we were married here in 1994.  Over the past 20 years, we have been active in the Children Youth Religious Education (CYRE) program. We decided to have our boys participate in the CYRE program because they, along with all of the other children, get the opportunity to be exposed to a wide variety of world religions, and this church encourages them to develop their own spiritual path in a supportive environment. We feel this is an important part of their development.

Over the years I, personally, have been committed to incorporating more musical experiences for the youth of the church.  This has provided the youth another way to get actively involved in the church and provides them opportunities to share their many talents.

The reason I am devoted to regular attendance at First U. is because I feel a sense of belonging each time I walk through the doors.  Although our congregation comes from many different religious backgrounds, we share core beliefs and values that bind us together.  I feel safe and valued as a member here, which inspires me to serve.

Our involvement in this church inspires us to make a financial commitment to support the ongoing work of social justice, children’s programming, and empowering worship services.  By giving to this church, we help ensure that our Unitarian values will be carried on to the next generation.

On the four Sundays before Commitment Sunday (February 22), members of our church community are sharing how First Unitarian Church inspires them. They are putting their inspiration into action and pledging their generous financial support to enhance what they value.  Watch for the printed texts in the E-News on Friday following each testimonial.