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Join Our Online Community

We want you to be a part of our community.  Our community online that is.  We have started posting regularly on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ over the last month and the Executive Team has approved a social media policy for the church.  But social media isn't a one way street.  We need pictures, videos, audio, links, and stories of what you have done and will be doing within our church community.  We need content that inspires you and you think would inspire others.  If you have content you think our community would be interested in, email it to or friend Paul Jacobs on Facebook and share it there.  We need your engagement with us online too.  If you use social media, like and follow us on the network(s) of your choice and spread the word.  

We're hoping to build a social media team before Rev. Michelle departs.  Content needs to be created, collected and curated.  We need to keep a watch online, in our community and at the church for content to share.  We are possibly interested in exploring other social media outlets like Tumblr or Pinterest.  So if you're interested in being an architect of this community, let Paul or Rev. Michelle know here.  

Thank you to everyone that's helped out this past month.  And again, even if you aren't part of the team, we need your help and hopefully we can help you.