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ILYA Special Collection on March 8

How much does it cost to prevent homelessness? 

Not much relatively speaking if it’s for a young person aging out of foster care. In many instances, it’s only the cost of half the security deposit for an apartment… anywhere between $450 and $750 usually. ILYA (Independent Living for Young Adults – a social justice program at First U) will match funds the young person has saved, their half of the deposit and have demonstrated responsibility and reliability.

That’s only one way ILYA helps these young people make the transition from foster care to the responsibilities of adult life. But we need everyone to help chip in to make sure we have funds there to assist.

On Sunday March 8th, the special collection will be taken for the ILYA youth. Remember, these young people don’t have families to help out. We're their family support and sure hope everyone will dig deep to contribute as generously as possible. Make it a substantial part of your charitable contributions for 2015. If you want documentation for tax purposes, contribute by check made out to First U with “ILYA” on the memo line and put it right in the collection bag or mail it to the church if you won’t be attending the service on March 8.