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Way to Go First U!

Talk about putting your money where your mouth is! The ILYA (Independent Living for Young Adults) special collection Sunday (last week), gave us $1,548 more in funding to support the young people aging out of foster care!

Those of you who attended the Faithful Dialogue session we held at 9:30 and those who attended the Sunday service heard the thanks first hand from the young woman, Empress, who came to be with us and speak to the 9:30 group. She very articulately expressed how much the support she has and continues to receive helped her make the transition into adult responsibilities and decision making. She talked about it being much harder than she had expected… her appreciation for the household goods/furniture she received and financial support for continuing her education (studying for occupational therapy) but even more so knowing that people care about her.

On Sunday we learned of other areas of support that would fill big gaps for these young people and will be telling you about them in future articles here and in Quest. You have made the ILYA project a success for 10 years now. Let’s keep this going and growing. If you missed the collection on Sunday, you can still send in donations. Just make checks payable to First U and put “ILYA” on the memo line. Empress and all those in like situations thank you.