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Inspiring Lessons on the Bus

I have not ridden a bus in many years. Each year, I have, always, looked forward to hearing a new story from Scott Ward’s, “Tales on the Bus.” The narrative arc always has three important elements: the protagonist, a humorous story and a life lesson told with compassion. We know the protagonist, at least, we think we do.

I spoke to Scott, in February, asking several questions about the upcoming First UU Music program for 2015 – 2016. I asked: “What as an artist, do you need from us, as members of First UU?” Scott shocked me by saying that none of us had ever asked him this before. Who is driving our bus? If we are inspired by our Honorary Minister of Music’s gifts, we have been silent passengers. Here are some thoughts along the way. Our music director needs:

  • Freedom of Expression: With the support of his supervisors.
  • Encouragement: To inspire people through music and the arts.
  • Safety Net:  When does anything worth doing, ever go smoothly?
  • Financial Commitment:  Having the correct physical tools will facilitate development of ideas and concepts to help heal our community.           
  • Realization:  More so than anyone, being an artist forces you to be practical and realistic financially.
  • Being Heard:  Listening when sensibilities need to be challenged.
  • To Be Thought of as an Asset:  Through programming, decision making and hard choices.

     Here lies our challenge, we must be Inspired to Act. We must be willing to understand our needs, as a religious community. We need to listen to hard truths, in order to make the transfer, from our current situation to our future. Welcome to the bus.

Deborah Griffin     

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