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Spring is Here!

Maybe you, your family or friends are doing some spring cleaning and cleaning out. Maybe you find there are gently used household items and/or furniture in good condition that you no longer need.  If so, some young people who have aged out of foster care are working hard to set up housekeeping in their new apartment would really appreciate them. These young people start off with nothing. They usually get a bed and maybe a table and chair but other household items are hard to come by. Lamps, small sofas or loveseats, small occasional tables, kitchen equipment, dinnerware, bath and bed linens, wastebaskets, curtains are especially needed.

ILYA (Independent Living for Young Adults) is the First U social justice project that supports these young people in a number of ways. Everyone who is in any way associated with our church is part of the team and we as a team need to pull together to continue to make this part of the project a success.

Won't you look in your kitchen, spare bedroom, all over your house to find those things you’re not using any more or could do without? Check out the donation form for more detail on items needed and how to donate.  We who have so much can make a huge difference for those who have so little.