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World Water Day Message from Green Sanctuary

Call for citizen water advocacy here in Delaware

Clean Water : Delaware's Clear Choice Petition

Delaware has made great progress over the past 40 years in addressing water quality but we still have a lot of work to do! Due to a growing population, legacy chemical contamination, and polluted runoff, over 90% of our streams, creeks, and rivers are polluted. But there is hope!

A dedicated funding stream would allow Delaware to invest not only in updating our infrastructure but also in expanding our workforce!

Therefore, Delaware Nature Society with our conservation partners launched a statewide clean water campaign titled: Clean Water: Delaware's Clear Choice. The campaign is focused on securing funding for toxic removal, protection of drinking water, updating of failing infrastructure, and preservation of natural resources.

Delaware Clean Water provides safe and dependable drinking water, locally sourced food, and recreational opportunities critical to Delaware’s tourism and economy. Much of the state’s waterways is polluted due to failing infrastructure, runoff, and contamination from chemicals.

HOW CAN YOU HELP?  Sign the Clean Water: Delaware's Clear Choice Petition at

Join the campaign by:  signing the petition, which will be delivered to The Delaware Statehouse and Senate by Grenna Groggin, DNS and Environmental Working Group.