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Transitional Minister Selection Task Force (TMSTF) Timeline

The Transitional Minister Selection Task Force is preparing an enticing portfolio to demonstrate that First U is an appealing place for a Developmental Minister seeking a motivated congregation that is excited about the future.  For the timeline of the work they are doing, see below:

March – Today


  • Collecting all documents for information packet
  • Designing interview guides, evaluation rubric, and initial contract documents
  • Communicating with congregation and staff
  • Meeting weekly to stay informed of progress and coordinate tasks


Date Unknown – First Set of Developmental Ministers names given to us by UUA

  • Exchange packets with candidates
  • We are bound to maintain strict confidentiality once we have any names.  We are not allowed to discuss the names of the ministers or the churches or location where these ministers currently serve.
  • Research Sub-Committee examines all information provided by candidates and other public information and reports back to full TMSTF
  • Interview Sub-Committee schedules and holds interviews and reports back to full TMSTF
  • Decisions made about the fit of the candidates for First U


If the first set of candidates does not meet our needs we ask for more names from the UUA and continue to follow the process above.  If none of the Developmental Ministers seem to be a good fit for us, we will enter the Interim Pool by April 17.


If you have questions or comments, please contact:

    Ostin Warren (, 406-490-1664)

    Dale Megill (, 610-459-1392)

    Becky Laster (, 302-750-8524)

    Linda Sanders (, 302-540-3855)