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Team 26 Ride and Rally

Members of First Unitarian Church were among the local throng that welcomed Team 26 to Delaware on their ride to Washington DC to create awareness about the need for common-sense state and federal gun reform. The Delaware Coalition Against Gun Violence (DeCaGV)  sponsored a short rally in Hockessin to show support for Team 26. First U Member Jeff Lott organized the rally for the Coalition and has led many First U social justice activities to end gun violence in Wilmington. The bike riders left Newtown last Saturday and are riding 400 miles to Washington to honor the 26 victims of the Dec.14, 2012, Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre and all victims of gun violence. For the third year, the sturdy riders were welcomed in cities along their route by local officials and citizens who share their goals. The riders are family members and close friends of the Sandy Hook victims. Since Sandy Hook, there have been more than 50 deaths from gun violence in Wilmington alone. First U bicycle riders joined Team 26 for their first 3 miles into Delaware from PA as a welcoming gesture.  First U members are proud to support the work of the Coalition and Team 26.  “We are pleased and proud to support Team 26 and the very important work if the Coalition,” said First U Board President Suzanne Perry. “For every one of us here today, there are 20 others who care just as deeply. On a Monday morning, people have to go to work and get the kids off to school. We are here to represent all of them and the deep concern First U members share about this issue. We are so impressed with the passion and commitment of Team 26 and the Coalition. We're proud to show our support. We want to help end the senseless violence in Wilmington and all across our country.” Read more.