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Special Collection April 2015 – UUSC Justice Sunday!

This Sunday, you will have a chance to make a difference.  This Sunday, the Special Collection will go the UUSC (Unitarian Universalist Service Committee) which, in your name, is partnering with organizations around the world for human rights and social justice.

One of UUSC’s human rights issues is the Human Right to Water.  Three-quarters of a billion people around the world lack clean drinking water.  The UN has reported that more people now die from contaminated water than from all forms of violence.

Right now, from March 22-April 22, we are in the middle of UUSC’s Climate Justice Month, focusing on the human right to water and on our partners around the world who are helping communities which are dealing with threats to water access, often as a result of climate change.

UUSC is collaborating with groups who are protecting water resources and challenging discrimination that denies people the right to water because they are poor, indigenous, people of color, women, children, or people living with disabilities.

If you miss this Sunday’s Special Collection, you can make a difference by going to