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We Dream

At his time of year as they prepare for graduation, many students dream about what their life will be. Young people who are aging out of foster care dream, too. They dream about having a better life than what they experienced as a child. But they need help to make those dreams a reality. ILYA (Independent Living for Young Adults) is the First UU social justice program that supports these young people as they work to make their dream come true.When these young people graduate, they're out on their own with limited emotional, financial and physical resources. It's hard to find an apartment they can afford, to make it a home with such limited resources, to find a job that pays a livable wage. They often have to work more than one job to make ends meet and for students going on for more education, they also have to focus on their studies.


These young people deserve our respect and congratulations. One way we express that is with the graduation party ILYA provides and with your help, this year's party can be the best yet. Please visit the ILYA table at coffee hour after every service in May to make a donation. Barbara Perry is leading the project again this year.  Can she count on your support?