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Once Upon a Time…

There was a young person who was sent on a herculean quest to find their way in the adult world after aging out of foster care. No fairy godmother/father appeared to make their life better but their inner strength brought them through to graduate high school. The quest now became how to live independently… find an affordable apartment, furnish it, equip it, find a job and go on to higher education all at the same time.

While not a fairy godmother/father, we’ve been told by some earlier “questers” that ILYA (Independent Living for Young Adults – a First UU social justice program) does perform some pretty good magic. Recently we heard how great the annual graduation pizza party is not only as a celebration of their accomplishment but also a venue to talk about shared experiences, challenges and learn some tips from those who successfully met the challenges before them. They tell us they love it!

So ILYA needs your help to wave the magic wand… the fairy dust is in your wallet/purse. Please sprinkle some in the direction of the project leader (Barbara Perry) at coffee hour this Sunday so we can provide a good party and nice gift for these very deserving and hardworking young graduates.