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Seven Things Church Members Should Say to Guests in a Worship Service

I recently read an article by Dr.Thom S. Rainer, president and CEO of LifeWay Christian Resources.  He states he is often asked how to move past the 150-attendance level or break through financial giving barriers, something we are very interested in here at First U.  Read on for some great tips – even for UU's!

We get, on average, 2 first-time visitors per week.  If even half of them returned and stayed, that would be 50 more people on Sundays in one year!

Here are seven things we should say to our guests, according to Dr. Rainer:

  1. “Thank you for being here.” It's just that basic.
  2. “Let me help you with that.” If you see someone struggling with umbrellas, young children, diaper bags, purses, and other items, a gesture to hold something for them is a huge positive. Of course, this comment is appropriate for member to member as well.
  3. “Please take my seat.” 
  4. “Here is my email address. Please let me know if I can help in any way.” Of course, this comment must be used with discretion, but it can be a hugely positive message to a guest.
  5. “Can I show you where you need to go?” Even in smaller churches, guests will not know where to find the nursery, restrooms, and small group meeting areas. You can usually tell when a guest does not know where he or she is to go.
  6. “Let me introduce you to ___________.” The return rate of guests is always higher if they meet other people. A church member may have the opportunity to introduce the guest to the pastor, other church staff, and other members of the church.
  7. “Would you join us for lunch?” Dr Rainer says, “I have seen this approach have the highest guest return rate of any one factor. What if your church members sought to invite different guests 6 to 12 times a year? The burden would not be great; but the impact would be huge.”

For Dr. Rainer's full article, click on this link: Seven Things to Say to Guests

                                                                Nancy Pinson, Membership Team Lead