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THANK YOU for Weeding and Mulching

Many people contributed to the recent sprucing up of the grounds around the church.  The property looks great, and I have received many positive comments.  Thank you to the following people for their many hours of work.  (If I missed anyone, I apologize.  Please let me know whom I missed.) 

Bev Bach, Alex Barch, Julie Brewer, Dee Burdash, Chase, Suz Cornell, Jim Davis, Vivian Gray, Laura Hanby, Bill Hardham, Max Huhn, Lisa Jacobs, Paul Jacobs, Ian Jacobs, Phil Krape, Addie Laster, Becky Laster, Hayden Laster, Don Lemasters, Helena Miller, Lois Morris, Parry Norling, Marty Peres, Nancy Pinson, Paul Pinson, Lucy Rabe, Darlene Scott, Ed Scott, Bob Wynn                                                                                                              by Jim Weddell