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Ten More Needed

Only ten more Target gift cards are needed to complete the ILYA (Independent Living for Young Adults) Graduation Backpack project. The “loaded” backpacks will be presented to the young adults aging out of foster care who graduate this year from high school. This is done at the pizza party ILYA gives to celebrate their amazing success while facing tremendous challenges. The party is June 9th so we're getting down to the wire.

If you can see your way clear to purchase a Target gift card for $25, it says a lot to these young people. It tells them their achievement is recognized and celebrated. It gives them encouragement to continue to work toward future success and maybe most importantly, it says people care about them.

If $25 won't fit into your budget, please donate what you can and Barbara Perry will pool the funds to purchase gift cards. So please, let Barbara know if you're donating a card or money so she can have things in place for the June 9th party. This is a huge effort to coordinate and the ILYA team congratulates Barbara for once again leading the effort in the name of First UU. Please support her, the ILYA team and these very deserving young people with your donation.