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Developmental Ministry Task Force

March 19, 2015

This group, the Transitional Minister Selection Process Task Force, is tasked with selecting the Developmental Minister who will serve the church starting in the fall.  This page here on our website contains documents about the process as well as regular updates from the team.

The Task Force consists of:
Board of Trustees members: Suzanne Perry (President), Ostin Warren (Vice President, lead on the Task Force), Leslie Dickerson (Recording Secretary), Becky Laster, Linda Sanders, Doyle Dobbins, Pat McGee, and Drew Hansen
Congregational Members: Cindy Cohen, J. Harry Feldman, Jeff Lott, Dale Megill, Paul Pinson, Richard Speck, and Tracy Spinka-Doms

The task force has formed sub teams to conduct their work.  The sub teams and their purposes are:

  • Process Team – Led by Paul Pinson – Define the process, understand timelines and keep the master calendar of events for the team.
  • Congregational Communications and Linkage – Led by Dale Megill – Define communication events and share information with the congregation
  • Information Packet Creation – Led by Richard Speck – Prepare a competitive packet of information about our congregation and our needs for use by perspective candidates
  • Research Team – Led by Pat McGee – Develop a plan and execute to gain information about perspective candidates to share with the task force and aid in our selection of a candidate
  • Interview Team – Led by Suzanne Perry – Perform the interviews with perspective candidates
  • Contract Negotiation – Led by Suzanne Perry – Review the UUA model contract, make changes and additions as needed to meet our congregational needs and negotiate with chosen candidate.

Developmental Ministry Q & A