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Emmanuel Dining Room… Spring at EDR = Rebirth and Renewal?

While our monthly outreach to Emmanuel Dining Room continues without change, the month of May saw some exciting changes for us. Firstly, we had new helpers joining the ranks! We were pleased to welcome new members Ed & Darlene Scott to the serving team, and Sue Wilson to the cooking crew. They joined the rest of May's crew, including Cindy Cohen, Suzie Cornell, Pam Finkelman, Nancy Pinson, and Barbara Pratt. Secondly,we've tweaked our menu! The Chicken Shepherd's Pie remains (still the second favorite meal of the month at EDR), but we changed out our side veggie from carrots/green beans to applesauce. For many of the 225+ diners the fruit is a welcome change. Thanks to the opening of the new Restaurant Depot in Wilmington we were able to see cost savings on the chickens to allow us to add the applesauce to our menu. Want to know more? Want to help out? Talk with any of the crew or email Cindy Cohen at And finally, as always, don't forget to PICK UP SOME CHICKEN STOCK from the continuous supply in the church freezers. Share the love!