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Green Sanctuary— Our UU 7th Principle – Our Work for the Planet

Job opportunities have never been more numerous!  Your Environmental Justice team, Green Sanctuary, invites everyone to choose a job in working for the planet and all creation. You can work for environmental justice  and human rights here in Wilmington, or around the world.  You can stay home and work from your computer, drive to Dover/Legislative Hall, march in the Moral Climate March in Washington, DC in September.  You can learn to lobby with Delaware legislators, or lobby Congress and the EPA on numerous environmental concerns. Justice will not grow without our help and participation.  Do you want to work towards justice in – clean water funding, carbon footprint, ethical eating (local sustainable farming, mitigation of hunger and food deserts – Wilmington), helping inner city youth succeed in urban farming, production, job training, advocacy, either online or in person, learning to lobby, air quality, energy efficiency – state benchmarks, shift to renewable energy, take the Paris Pledge, write letters to the editor in support of human rights in environmental justice, march! Monitor and measure your own carbon, support larger environmental organizations, join Commit2Respond! JOIN GREEN SANCTUARY!  Contact Elizabeth Siftar, 302-354-1809 or any Green Sanctuary team member — Betty Weir, Dee Burdash, Renee Anderson, Linda Aldrich.