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ILYA's Busy Bees

You may think that ILYA (Independent Living for Young Adults) is on vacation, in fact there's a lot of activity going on. New people have volunteered to help with current projects and to start some new ones.

Relatively new First UU members, Amy and Alex Barch have volunteered to help with our ILYA web page and team IT support (Amy) and assistance with moving furniture & household goods (Alex). Carolyn Gibson has volunteered to take an active role with the team and we're meeting soon to match her interests with a project. Sue Wilson (a former member who recently moved back to Wilmington) has volunteered to help Betty Wier with the college care package project.

A number of team members will travel to Dover on August 5th to attend the 13th Annual Youth Advisory Council Conference and Destined for Greatness event. Also in August, we're meeting with Reverend Roberta Finkelstein to tell her about ILYA and hear her ideas on ways to make our 11th season of supporting young people aging out of foster care another successful year.

If you have an interest in helping young people create a better future for themselves, consider joining the ILYA team. We have something for everyone! Contact Lois MorrisBetty Wier or J Harry Feldman