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Office Ministration July 2015 – End of the fiscal year!

Happy Summer! The office staff wishes all a happy and safe summer. Although the program life of the church settles into a more relaxed rhythm in the summer, the staff is busy planning for next year. 

The fiscal year ends June 30, so the last two weeks of June and the first two weeks of July are filled with accounting and reporting functions. If you use automatic giving, please be sure to renew your authorization for the new fiscal year. ALL AUTHORIZATIONS for FY 14-15 will END as of June 30.  Please contact Brandi in the church office at or call, 302-478-2384 if you have questions about automated giving.

If you have not yet fulfilled your pledge for FY 14-15, please send your payments as soon as possible.  Either Marina at or Brandi can assist you with information about the status of your pledge. Giving statements will go out at the end of July.

Publications continue in the summer. Keep in mind that the deadline for the monthly newsletter is the 15th of the month before publication. So, if you want to talk about your groups’ activities in the fall, the deadline for the August Quest is July 15. For September, it is August 15. Please plan ahead and be sure to publicize your activities.

For more information about getting things done at First U, contact the staff person who is responsible for your team for guidance.

                                                            Taking care of business,


                                                            Business Manager