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RE~Marks August 2015

We are re-envisioning Youth Ministry at First Unitarian Church! This spring and summer has been full of meetings and discussions focused on youth. The energy and excitement around Youth Ministry is inspiring!

In the spring we had a large meeting attended by youth, upcoming youth, parents, and members without children in the home.  What did we learn at this information gathering meeting?  Our youth want to participate in social action work camps!  Our youth want time to hang out together and socialize!  Our youth want to explore spiritual practices and their Unitarian Universalist faith!  Our youth want to be part of the life of the church!  The outcome of this meeting was the creation of a Youth Task Force to figure out next steps.

This task force, chaired by Dillon Dickerson and Laura Hanby, began envisioning youth ministry at First Unitarian Church.  The Youth Task Force made a number of decisions:

  • Youth Group is open to 9th – 12th graders
  • Youth Group will meet on Sunday evenings
  • During the 2015/2016 church year, Youth Group will meet every other week
  • A Youth Kick Off event will take place in September

Additionally, youth are encouraged to participate in the life of the church.  What does that mean?  Since Youth Group meets on Sunday evenings, youth are encouraged to attend worship or teach Children’s Religious Exploration on Sunday mornings.  Youth are also encouraged to join the choir, participate on church committees, attend Adult Religious Exploration, participate in Connection Circles and engage with their religious community

The Youth Task Force also determined that a Youth Adult Committee will form during the fall of 2015.  The Youth Adult Committee will be made up of youth and adults from the congregation.  This committee will provide direction for the youth group.

Stay tuned for more exciting news about Youth Ministry at First Unitarian Church!  If you are interested in getting involved with Youth Ministry, contact Catherine Williamson at or (302)478-2384.  Additionally, you can reach out to Dillon Dickerson or Laura Hanby.