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Special Collection August 2015 Scholarships for Delmarva Cluster Retreat

Scholarships for the Delmarva Cluster Retreat
The special offering this month is for scholarships for the Delmarva Cluster Retreat, which will occur October 2nd – 4th at Camp Tockwogh.  The costs of a retreat can be burdensome for many.  For example, a family of four costs $500 to attend the retreat.  This makes a weekend retreat unthinkable for many families.  Tiered pricing will be available, making the retreat more affordable, as well as full scholarships. 

First U of Wilmington has had five successful annual retreats, always providing generous scholarships to everyone who has requested one, including entire families.  This year we invited the churches in the Delmarva Cluster to attend the retreat, and volunteers from those churches have been helping to organize, staff and fundraise for the new Cluster Retreat.   This retreat will allow UUs up and down the peninsula to bond and energize together.  However, with more people attending, our goal to provide scholarships to all who need them has become more of a challenge to reach.  Please consider giving generously so that your fellow UUs can play, eat, sing, and worship together in October.  We hope to see you there too!