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Church Volunteers in Action!

I would like to take this time to thank the Andy Cope Maintenance Club (Mondays) led by Richard Speck for cleaning and reorganizing the chair closet to its entirety!
ONCE AGAIN BIG THANK YOU!!!! TO ALL THAT CAME OUT AND PARTICIAPTED WITH THE MASS RENOVATION OF THE CHAIR CLOSET. It is now effectively used and provides clear space and labels for things that need to be found and/or easily accessed. In addition, I would like to ask any and all groups and/or individuals using the chair closet in the future to properly label their items of storage so it can be recognized by others using the space. Furthermore, most the items in the chair closet are strategically placed in certain areas for a particular access purpose please be reminded that if removed, the item(s) is placed in its original area. Thanks in advance.
Volunteers included:
Jim Weddell, Richard Speck, Bill Hardham, Paul Pinson, Linda Sanders, and Marty Peres
Thank you! Chase