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Board Planks September 2015

The Board Retreat

The Board of Trustees meets for a weekend retreat every year in the summer, typically in mid-August.  This year, the Board and two Executive Team members, Rev. Roberta and Dale Megill, met at the home of one of our members, Marilyn Hyte, along with some of our guest speakers.  In the spirit of keeping readers informed of the goings on and inner workings of the Board, this article will provide some information on the retreat agenda and outcomes.

This year, we decided to focus the retreat on four major areas: strengthening our leadership and governance capability; consideration of membership; articulating an Annual Vision of Ministry for the executive team and church; and increasing collaboration within and outside of the church.  We spent and will spend many hours discussing and creating action plans around these areas, both at the retreat and afterward.  Rev. Dr. Richard Speck ably led us to discern our leadership and governance capability, and to find ways to put our church’s mission in appropriate focus.  We considered the Board’s role in shaping membership retention and growth, and ways to bolster our membership in the coming years.  The Board also discussed and came to agreement on our short list of priorities for the church this year, which is called our Annual Vision of Ministry (this topic will be covered in October’s Quest article—stay tuned!).  Lastly in terms of the big goals, Paul Pinson presented information on regionalization efforts within the UUA and how these efforts may affect how the church can be better supported by and collaborative with local, district, and regional resources.

Group cohesion and connection are also outcomes of the retreat.  We led discussions during communal meals to help us form together and become integrated on deeper and deeper levels.  In our first connection discussion, which was held during a truly spectacular potluck dinner, participants were asked to describe their biggest hope for the church, and then each participant was asked how they can bring those goals to fruition individually and through their work with the board and larger church community. 

So, now comes the part of this article where I ask the dear reader to interact with the writer…what major topics would you have discussed at a board retreat?  And, what is your biggest hope for our church, how can you help bring that hope alive, and how can we help you?  Let me know

Yours faithfully,

Ostin Warren