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Boy Scouts of America: The Stand of Our Youth

I applaud the Boy Scouts of America for now welcoming gay Scout Leaders.   When I was First U's DRE, we had a workshop in 1991 to decide if the high adventure youth group wanted to continue their sponsorship by the BSA.  After a long study, the group decided to withdraw from BSA sponsorship.  They concluded that it would not be consistent with their UU values to continue to be associated with an organization that excluded gay scouts as well as leaders.  I am gratified that the BSA organization has finally recognized what the UUA has long encouraged them to do. The rejection of a whole category of possible leaders does not exemplify the stated mission of the Boy Scouts: “to prepare youth for life and leadership…”

Congratulations to our youth adventure group for being in the forefront of this movement toward full acceptance of all.  Their courage to stand up for their values long before the UUA requested churches to do so, is a testament to the strength of our religious education program!

Rev. Kathie Davis Thomas, Director of Religious Education, First Unitarian of Wilmington, 1988-1996