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Emmanuel Dining Room – Dessert Anyone?

As the new church year rolls around we’re tickled pink that our monthly Chicken Shepherd’s Pie lunch at EDR is still one of the diners’ favorites. How can we top it, you ask? Well, here’s a thought. If there are any folks who like to bake we can always use some homemade desserts. Maybe a batch of cookies that freeze well? We could store them in the church freezers and take them down to EDR when we deliver our casseroles on the 19th of the month. Homemade treats are always a huge hit (as we’ve learned in the past thanks to our church youth!). For more information contact Cindy Cohen at, I’d love to talk with you about the possibilities! And as always, many thanks to our dedicated casserole crew for July, including Susie Cornell, Sue Fuhrmann, Shawn Garrison, Bella Gier, Diann Moore, Barbara Pratt, Ed Scott, Sue Wilson and Bob Ullrich.