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Helping Each Other—We Call It Pastoral Care

The Pastoral Care Team, an essential part of a shared ministry in our congregation, is especially important now that we have only one minister.  The team serves as caring eyes and ears, looking for ways to support members facing a difficult time, such as surgery, loss of a loved one, or chronic illness by providing rides, meals, cards, and other special help, care, or visits, all in confidence.  The food pantry downstairs, resource referrals, help with memorial services, and special informative sessions for the congregation are just some of the other ways the team has worked with our ministers and been of service.

What can you do to be a part of this ministry? The more helpers there are, the better we can serve each other, both on the team and in the wider congregation. Can you join us in this shared ministry by joining the Pastoral Care Team? The trained listeners meet every other month for support and training; other helpers are called on as the needs arise.  For more information, contact Dale Megill at or talk to one of the team members wearing red nametags.