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Music for Sundays

September 6 Our Chamber Choir with guests Linda Henderson and Martin Hargrove. “Music Through the Phases (of life). From Byrd to Rorem, our Chamber Choir sings pieces that accompany short poems and essays about the many phases we go through in life. A cappella and accompanied. Renaissance and opera!

September 13 Ingathering Sunday! Welcome back to Your Church! Our Choir accompanied by the Harvey Price Quartet, and the quartet by itself! After church during the picnic – The Diamond State Concert Band. A full musical Sunday.

September 20 Honoring Yom Kippur, our Choir sings traditional Jewish songs, include “Oseh Shalom.”

September 27 “Ned and the Dirt” a California “punk band” made up of two UUs. They use computer tracks, and live performance to spread their joyful music. Google them to learn more!