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Staff Transitions and Office Support

The Board of Trustees would like the congregation to know and be mindful of staff transitions and issues in the month of September.  As previously announced, our Congregational administrator, Brandi Chavis has left her post to pursue a different employment opportunity.  We just hired an interim administrator who will join the office later this month. For now, though, Brandi is only working on a very limited part time basis.  In addition to not having Brandi readily available, Marina is undergoing surgery and will be unable to attend to her duties during parts of September.  For these reasons, we ask that our members and friends understand that the church office can only engage in core functioning tasks.  Financial transactions and publications are covered, and ongoing building projects will continue as planned, but office staff and administrative support will be more limited than congregants may be used to.  The extant staff and extra volunteers will do their best to accommodate all needs, but with these circumstances it is very difficult.  Please know this is only temporary, and we will be back to full functioning by October.  Also, patience is a virtue, and one that we can all practice during this time!

Yours faithfully,
Ostin Warren, President, Board of Trustees