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House Pin Sale on October 11!

As the weather gets cooler, many families need a warm, safe place to stay. The YWCA Home Life Management Center provides transitional housing for homeless families, helping them find stable employment and permanent housing. For many years, our dearly loved member Noreen Bayly sold House Pins to support the YWCA Home Life Management Center. In addition to the traditional pins that Noreen sold, we now sell colorful and sparkly bead bracelets (with easy-to-use magnetic clasps), pin converters ($2 each) and bead earrings (with Sterling Silver or Gold-filled ear wires). Earrings and bracelets are made from quality components donated by First U members. Bead types include Vintage, Venetian glass, Hand-Blown Furnace Glass, and Swarovski crystal.

The sale price of each House Pin remains $15, and each bracelet or pair of earrings is $15 or less. We donate 100% of the profit from the sale of each pin, pin converter, bracelet, or pair of earrings to the YWCA Home Life Management Center. We have now donated a total of $21,500 to the YWCA; your purchase will add to that impressive total!

Visit the House Pin Table on October 11. This will be our first sale after Noreen’s passing. We miss you, Noreen! 

Your House Pin Team, “Changing the World, One Pin at a Time!”
Bev Bach, Ann Tolman and Beading Babes Carolyn Ray and Loretta Knight