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It's Fall at Emmanuel Dining Room!

As the weather begins to crisp up, we welcome you to join our EDR team in the kitchens. Monthly on the 19th we gather in the church kitchen to prepare our famous (and wildly popular) Chicken Shepherd's Pie casseroles, which we then serve to over 200 hungry men, women and children on the 20th at Emmanuel Dining Room West, along with applesauce and assorted desserts donated from area bakeries. If you've never experienced this outreach into our Wilmington community we encourage you to give it a try. Can't make it on the 19th or 20th? Then how about preparing a batch of cookies (or other freezable dessert) for us to take with us? You can always leave them in the church freezers (label them EDR). And don't forget to pick up some chicken stock from our freezers while you're there. A by-product of our cooking that allows us to share the love with you! Questions? Contact Cindy Cohen at