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Guest at Your Table – October 18-November 22, 2015

In more than a dozen countries around the world, the UUSC fosters social justice and works toward a world free from oppression.  But where did it all begin?

In 1939, Unitarian minister Waitstill Sharp and his wife Martha Sharp set sail for Europe to bear Unitarian witness and to assist refugees fleeing Nazi persecution.  Their mission led to the establishment of the UUSC.

One of Martha Sharp's projects was helping children emigrate, battling the Vichy government to issue exit visas and convincing the State Department to let the children into the United States.  In the Stories of Hope brochure in last Sunday's order of service, you met just two of the children she saved.   Alexander Strasser and Catherine Chvany (pictured on your GAYT box)  were carried to safety in a transport arranged by Martha Sharp.  In April 2015, Dr. Strasser, a physician, and Ms. Chvany, a retired MIT professor, attended the UUSC's 75th Anniversary Gala, living testimonials to the Unitarian-Universalist values that inspired the Sharps.

Today the world faces the largest refugee crisis since World War II and the UUSC is continuing its mission, advocating for the plight of refugees fleeing war-torn Syria.  If, like Waitstill and Martha Sharp, you feel concern for the innocent victims of war, how can YOU make a difference?

  • Visit the UUSC website at and add your voice to those calling on Congress to oppose religious discrimination against Syrian refugees.
  • Make a contribution to the work of the UUSC through the Guest at YourTable campaign.  You can contribute online at the UUSC website or use a GAYT envelope available at the church.
  • Help your children understand giving by using the GAYT box and inviting a refugee to be a virtual guest at YOUR dinner table.