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Hope, Opportunity & Race Conference Saturday, November 14, Chase Center

Come and be part of the solution–breaking the poverty and prison connection . . . You won’t want to miss this important public forum sponsored by members of our congregation!  The forum will:

Review patterns of racism and poverty in Delaware in order to transform unjust systems that lead to disproportionate incarceration of poor and minority populations.
Featured workshops are designed to define projects and action plans to address these issues. Governor Markell will open the conference, and Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu, founder of African American Images, will deliver the keynote address.  Featured speakers include Dr. Yasser Payne, University of Delaware Associate Professor of Black American Studies and Dr. Karl L. Alexander, Johns Hopkins University Research Professor of Sociology.  Keith James and Corley Harris and son will describe growing up on the streets of Wilmington.

Our first public forum on Justice in Delaware featuring the African American judges completely filled the sanctuary of our church in 2013.  Members of our congregation having been working for over a year to bring this next conference to the public, and it will be held at the Chase Center on the Riverfront to accommodate the anticipated crowd. The conference is partially funded by a grant from the Delaware Humanities Forum, DuPont, Speer Trust, United Way of Delaware, and a host of churches and individuals including generous members of First U Wilmington and your gift of dollars through our Ingathering Sunday collection plate. 

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