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Office Ministration November 2015

Strategic Plan Building Projects Update – Work on improving our parking lot has begun. The parking lot has been repaved and seal coated. New lines are painted, and the dumpsters have moved to a new location. The Building and Grounds team is working with the vendor to finalize this project before winter comes. We are also very close to hiring a vendor to rebuild the Sanctuary and Parish Hall Windows. 

Other building related activities:

  • Jim Davis is working hard on repairing the LED sign on the corner of our property and Concord Pike. This is a complex project, with lots of challenges. If you see him at church, say “Thanks!” 
  • Winterizing has begun! Our snow blower has been serviced, our salt and sand ordered, and our snow plow contractor hired. 
  • Warner room clean up! Our intrepid Andy Cope Maintenance Crew, headed by Richard Speck, did a deep cleaning of the Warner Room. It looks great! Also thanks to:Paul Pinson, Marilyn Hyte, Dee Burdash, Linda Sanders, and Beverly Bach.

If you have an interest in helping out the Building and Grounds Team, please contact Marina at