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Fall Treasure Sale Update!

The planning and executing of our Fall Treasure Sale worked well because of the extraordinary talent, enthusiasm and patience of our amazing volunteers. Among them were expert organizers, accountants, visionaries, artistes, “naturalists”, catalogers, bakers and other professionals. The willingness to “get down and dirty” without batting an eye played a crucial part as well. Clearly our sale would not have worked nearly as well were it not for the efforts of all of these hands. Please accept my sincere thanks to each and every one of you. We raised over $2600 for the CYRE Program.

I have tried to name every volunteer who participated, but if I missed someone please accept my sincere apology. – Martha Gessler

Kudos to:
Marilyn Hyte, Kathie Thomas, Donna Van Name, Lucy Rabe, Carolyn Gibson, Barbara Perry, Chuck Miller, Barbara Lenahan, Helen Lewis, Bev Bach, David Weiss, Linda Sanders, Mitch Weiss, Nancy Ball, Dale Bleakney, Mary Jo Metz, Sue Hazel, Bill Hardham, Lisa Jacobs, Suze Cornell, Amy Gunderson, Dee Burdash, Phil Krape, Paul McGhee and Richard Speck.