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Human Rights Day, December 10th

Let's pause for a brief moment and learn about an upcoming date on the December calendar.

On December 10th, 1948, the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted and proclaimed December 10th “Human Rights Day”. A date recognized all over the world today.

For you to explore see text from Office of High Commissioner for Human Rights:

Here are some words from Bruce Knotts, Director Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office, International.

Well over fifty years ago, the Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office (UU-UNO) was founded to give voice to Unitarian Universalist values in a world that needed us then as much as it needs us today. We continue to be a voice of reason, compassion and hope for those whose voices have been silenced by war, by injustice and by fear that so often grips the victims of oppression.

Throughout our history the UU-UNO has established its leadership role as one of many religious NGOs working within a frustrating and, at times maddeningly difficult community of nations where issues of peace and social justice don't always win the day.

  • Who will speak out for the poor and oppressed?
  • Who will remind us that women's rights are often the marker of social and economic progress?
  • Who will take-up the cause of those whose lives are threatens by oppression based on sexual orientation or gender identity?
  • Who will speak “truth to power” on the human connection to climate change?
  • Who will remind us of the simple fact that “Black Lives Matter” right here in our own country and around the world?

These tasks fall, as they often have, to the UU-UNO. We never fail to speak out, to let-reason guide our advocacy and to work to assure you that justice prevails in a world of tension and strife. We may be a few in number but let me assure you that our presence is felt and our voices are heard.

Hetty Francke, life long supporter of the United Nations and long time member of the UU-UNO