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Undying Support for ILYA

     Recently the family of a First U member who passed away asked that donations be made to ILYA (Independent Living for Young Adults) in memory of their mother in lieu of flowers. The response is definitely a testimony to how loved and respected this woman was and continues to be. Over $2000 was donated and is especially timely as we have received a number of requests for supportive grants.
     Through generous donations like this, we’ve recently assisted 3 young people aging out of foster care with security deposits to obtain first apartments and to purchase books for the last semester of college. Some of these young people were able to save up a portion of the required funds from jobs they hold while attending school. Others are not able to manage a full course load and a job so have no savings to fall back on. By providing assistance we may be helping them to establish the first stable home they’ve ever had. We’re definitely supporting their ability to build a responsible and successful future.
     Talk about a legacy that lives on! The ILYA team and all the young people we support are so appreciative of the generosity demonstrated by this woman during her time with us, by her family and by all those who donated in her memory.